Thematic Areas and types of Psychology Part 2

Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology is the desire to understand behavior analyzed in terms of different functions of brain activity. This kind of psychology is closely connected with the study of the central nervous system.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology examines the human psyche during the life periods of man. Dependence of human responses in different time periods. In recent years, conducted numerous studies on this topic.

Genetic Psychology

This king Psychology explores genetic heritability in the mental behavior and mental condition of inheritance between generations.

Differential psychology

Differential psychology is engaged with capabilities of humans and their creation and storage. It is Involved in the moods and knowledge. In human psyche are structural differences at various levels caused by the same stimuli. Intelligence and beliefs are guideline in the this kind of researches.

Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology is main direction. It dates back development from the beginning in the experience of man to know himself. Main directions for analysis are memory, attention, emotions and how they are distributed. How they act on the psyche and what processes produce in the short and long term. Here the attention is on incentives and events generated by them. As a branch of that kind psychology should be mentioned Behaviorism.

Social psychology

Social psychology is closely related to sociology. It explores the differences in social classes, reactions of a person as being gregarious and what this brings a need to be part of the herd. It also examines the effects of changing human attitudes.

Consultative psychology

Consultative psychology section is which monitors social, professional and emotional problems. This type of psychologists can be helpful in almost every sector of human activity. They have a point of reference in daily human problems, the impact of stress on us and ways to ensuring good mental health. Here can be mentioned Sports, Engineering and Military Psychology. Its range is unlimited and becomes more binding worldwide. This is the way how everyone should feel better in his shell and to feel satisfaction from their existence.

Pedagogical Psychology

Pedagogical Psychology is one that is concerned with the problems of adolescents. The pedagogues teach and build different methods in education. Bearing in mind that a person is built as an individual throughout his life but mostly at an early age this kind of psychology is especially important.

Psychology of activity

Psychology of activity is focusing on range of human resources, their management and ways to optimize staff and all related activities It can be assigned to a labor as psychology may also address with unemployment, causes and effects led to this situation.

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